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Latest Rotation News

Welcome to our new website! Be sure to take a look through and also subscribe to get the latest updates. We are in full summer swing here at Rotation Records and still on a high from the Music Industry Event at Valley Beach in June. We are already making plans for next years event, which promises to once again be bigger and better! Thank you to all of you who made it possible!

Update on the New Location: Rotation Records is opening a second and larger studio location, construction is nearing completion! We started with an empty building and meticulously designed every detail of this new state of the art studio to ensure the best sound, musician and engineer comfort as well as a home to be as creative as possible for all of our clients! The walls are double insulated and air gapped, the ceilings are at the perfect height for the room sizes, the live room is massive and perfect for large bands and even better for drums, the control room will be the perfect place to get creative and there is an awesome vocal booth inside the control room. We will have a spacious and comfortable musicians lounge where you can prep for your session and the location is perfect as it is less than one block from the Norristown Transportation Center and right in the heart of the Arts District. We have procured lots of new gear including the latest, biggest and baddest control room computer system on the market. We will begin the acoustic work in the building over the coming weeks and once its dialed in perfectly, we will announce our grand opening date and begin booking sessions. We can't wait for you all to see it and get inside to create the best music possible! (see pics below)

Studio Bookings: For the best results, contact our booking office at 484-231-8202 between 11am and 7pm, Leave a message if you get voicemail. You can also email or use the booking form on this website. Lastly, please understand that when the schedule is this tight, it may take a few days advance to get you in, we also keep a cancellation list for people who want to get in asap. Deposits are required for any session 3 hours or longer and first time clients.

Shows: We try to have at least one show per month to help put our clients on stage to share their music. If you want to participate in one of our upcoming shows, please discuss with your engineer or Tom the next time you are in the studio. Please understand that our clients get the first available slots at our shows as we prefer to invest back in our clients as much as we can. Also, did you know that you can PARTNER with Rotation to host your own headlining show at a top venue in the Philly area? Contact us for more details.

Music Videos: Putting extraordinary and creative visuals to your music is becoming almost as important as the music itself in todays digital and social media world Rotation has some of the most affordable and creative Music Video packages around, we also usually have less than 48 hour editing turnaround so you get record your music, shoot the video and release it all in the SAME WEEK! Contact us today to set up a free video consultation with WizFx

Still not sure how Rotation Records can help you? Set up a FREE consultation at our studio to learn about all of the ways we can help you.


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