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Our TWO state of the art studios both offer a complete and professional recording experience. Services include vocal and full band recording, mixing and mastering by our experienced engineers, a spacious lounge to relax in, and much more. Book a session or set up a consult today!



Our staff boasts accomplished songwriters and producers. Services include original songwriting and production packages, and much more. Ask as about our packages today!

Concerts & Events

Live music is at the core of our mission. Whether it's for growing your fanbase or perfecting your craft, we are experts at curating and setting up the best live concerts and events. Ask us about our concerts and events today!



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Putting the correct visuals to your music has never been more important. One of the most effective ways to get heard and noticed is through creative, unique and high quality (4k) music videos.  Rotation Records offers the most affordable, fast and professional means to get your videos online.

kids programs

Investing in our next generation of musicians is part of our core values. Our weekend kids programs are some of the most fun and energetic times at the studio. Music lessons and activities for kids ensure a bright future for all. Ask us about our kids programs today!

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