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We are thrilled to announce the creation of the newest division of the Rotation Records family of companies, called Rotation Productions!!!

Rotation Productions is unlike anything else in the Music world. 

It's your one stop shop to create TV/Movie quality content right onsite at Rotation Records for all of your Online needs. Rotation Productions will be a built in Visual/Video Production Studio on site at the Rotation Records complex. You will be able to EASILY create all of the content needed to get yourself and your music out to today's digital world.

Here are just a few of the services that are available:


  • Automatic Live Streaming to platforms simultaneously

  • TV / Online Show Production

  • Top Quality Live Performance Streaming & Pre-recorded content Service

  • PodCast & Interview Studio & Service

  • Social Media Content Production

  • Live Stream your studio sessions

  • Full Online Show production using all of our rooms, multi-camera, screen sharing, remote interviews...

  • and SO much more

All of the above is done with the highest quality cameras, production software & systems, screen transitions, etc that you would expect in a TV studio.

Rotation production staff, directors, producers, editors, engineers and assistants will be on site to create your Online Content at the very best quality that the industry's best have today!

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