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Our Charter:

Rotation Gives strives to improve the lives of children and families in our local communities through music.   We will utilize our resources, services, capabilities and vast network of musicians to bring music, music services, concerts, stage, sound & lighting services and full events to our local schools, communities and existing charitable organizations and events.



We will use our capabilities through Rotation Record's set of companies to fundraise, (including saving our benefactors money on existing fundraising costs); host specific events to raise money for a cause or individual; deliver music services for particular causes, families or people in our local communities.  We will also provide music services such as recording, songwriting, and other music services to individuals who cannot afford these services who can make a positive impact in our community.  We will also utilize Rotation Gives as the charitable component at all of our Rotation Records events and then determine how those funds will be utilized or will have a specific purpose for that event that we will market with the event.

100% of your Tax-Deductable donations go directly to music programs or services for local individuals or groups.  All programs and services will be announced and shared on social media as well as in our IRS non-profit filings and here on this website.  You will always know how your donations are impacting those in need. 

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