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Bridgeport Ribhouse Musicians Benefit

Live music and our family of musicians are family to us here at the Bridgeport Ribhouse.   When we had to close our doors due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we also had to cancel every gig on our schedule for weeks.   This was one of the most painful decisions we've ever had to make.  

Once this is past us and we get to open our doors and begin live music again, we will be arranging a benefit for all of the musicians that were impacted by having to cancel their gigs.   We know that for many of them, music is their ONLY source of income.  These musicians have been there for all of us, every time we've needed them.  They have given us a good time, allowed us to escape our problems, work or our realities...  Now its time to be there for them.  

We are partnering with Rotation Gives a 501(c)(3) Charity which is part of the Rotation Records family which is so near and dear to all of us.  This will allow for tax-deductible online donations and they have committed that 100% of every dollar collected goes directly to the full-time musicians that were impacted by canceled gigs at the Ribhouse.  Funds raised online and at the benefit will first go to musicians that had gigs canceled at the Ribhouse where music is their ONLY source of income.  If there is enough to assist the others, we will surely do that where we can.

You can donate NOW using the DONATE button on this page to provide immediate assistance, But we hope you all will come to the Benefit we host once we can get a date to open and have this event.  Of course, it will be a party to celebrate the end of the quarantine, the return of live music and all to benefit our musicians and friends that were so terribly impacted by this virus.

Thank you all so much!  

Melissa Navitsky and the entire Ribhouse Team!

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