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Rotation Records is dedicated to providing the best music creation services to artists, companies and to the community.  We aim to change the Philadelphia Music Scene.  Rotation Records has 2 incredible state of the art recording studios.
Rotation Records was first formed in 2010 by Joe Staiber & Tom Jensen as a studio aimed at building a creative and accessible professional quality facility that was affordable for the everyday artist.  Through a commitment to quality, a care for the artist and their careers and community involvement, the company quickly grew into a full service entertainment company that helps artists and musicians through every aspect of music.

From recording, writing, producing, and vocal production, Rotation Records will help artists from inception and songwriting, through production and recording, and all the way to content, music videos and even putting you live on stage. Our clients and partners have found a place they can call home, and a team that is committed to providing the best quality services and equipment possible. 


Please give the studio a call and set up an appointment to take a tour, meet the team, and let us help you achieve your dreams...not just chase them!



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